Ecstatic Sex

Pathways to Ecstatic Sex and Orgasmic Flow

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To be mutually satisfying, sex should start with foreplay then proceed to vaginal or anal penetration and eventual orgasm. For both partners to enjoy the ultimate satisfaction from the intercourse, these processes should be fun and thrilling. Ecstatic sex and orgasmic flow is all about exploration, empowerment and enjoyment. That’s what both partners should aim at achieving. Here are 5 pathways that lead to ecstatic sex and orgasmic flow.


Spontaneous sex is incredible. However, it is advisable that partners prepare both physically and mentally to enjoy a most thrilling experience. There are various ways to prepare for great sex and orgasmic flow. They include erotic talks, watching adult movies or indulging in other activities that prepare both parties for sensual adventure. Preparation is mainly about staging a perfect foreplay.

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