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Period Sex- Safe or Not? Recommend By Redhead Escort

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Every healthy woman that has reached her reproductive years experiences menstrual flow once every month. At this time, many women have mixed feelings about sex. But, period should not hinder you from having sex. In fact, some women even find sex during periods more pleasurable than other times. Nevertheless, it’s important to know whether period sex is safe or not before you engage in it. Here are some facts to about period sex.

Period Sex is Safe

Though there is no concrete evidence that sex during period guarantees specific benefits, there are reasons why women opt to engage in it. They include:

Pain relief

Most women endure painful menstrual flow due to cramps. Menstrual cramps are caused by contraction and retraction of the uterus. During orgasms, uterus muscles contract and relax. This eases the pain caused by cramps. What’s more, sex sparks the release of endorphin. This creates an awesome feeling throughout the body. Additionally, engaging in period sex keeps the mind distracted from cramps discomfort.

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