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The Best Sex Blanket Is a Blanket Literally Made For Sex

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If you want to have sex whenever and wherever you want, you may need a sex blanket. A blanket can be washed easily, so no worries about stained sheets. Plus, if you get a little too excited during sex, a blanket can be discreetly folded up and hidden away. There are several different types of sex blankets on the market.

A waterproof sex blanket is an ideal choice. This type of blanket can be washed, and the microfleece layers are luxuriously soft and reversible. These blankets are great for intimate sex and can even be used as bedcovers! Because they’re waterproof, they’re the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t want their bed to be so messy.

A sex blanket will protect your bedding from all of these issues. First, they can keep bedsheets and linens dry, preventing stains from transferring from one person to the next. Second, they can help reduce squeaking springs. They’re an economical alternative to expensive sex furniture, too. The waterproof blankets are available in most standard bed sizes and provide an extra layer of protection.

A sex blanket can help you reduce your stress and clean up after sex. This is especially important if you tend to be messy during sex, such as using massage candles or food kinks. Another benefit of a sex blanket is that it makes sex easier to access. In addition, a sex blanket is ideal for anal sex as well.

For convenience, you can also get a smaller version of this blanket that’s ideal for traveling. The downside of these blankets is that they’re not as protective as a bigger version, and you’ll need to be more careful during intercourse. It’s still a great option for anyone who wants to have sex during their period.

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